Imam Ali Quotes about Faith

Faith has a very important place in the lives of all Muslims. Imam Ali quotes about faith can help us to understand the importance and can guide us to live our lives the way we should with a strong faith in Islam, Allah and prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Faith is one of the important pillars of Islam. Without having a strong faith in Allah, following the preaching of Islam and spending life according to Islam is impossible. Moreover, he has stated on another occasion that you should not let your faith tremble even when you have to face any difficult situation in your life.

Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained the definition of Islam for us to understand it in a better and convenient way. He has told us that the Islam means to have a complete faith in Allah and His powers. But that is not just it as it also requires the fulfillment of obligations. A true Muslim must perform the actions that are required to be a faithful Muslim, just believing is not enough. In the afterlife, your faith can save you only if you have taken certain actions as well that were required by the faith. Followings are some of the well-known quotes of Imam Ali (R.A):


I define Islam for you in a way that nobody dared do it before me. Islam means obedience to Allah, obedience to Allah means having sincere faith in Him, such a faith means to believe in His Power, belief in His Power means recognizing and accepting His Majesty, acceptance of His Majesty means fulfilling the obligations lay down by Him and fulfillment of obligations means actions.


The structure of faith is supported by four pillars endurance, conviction, justice and jihad.


There are three attributes that whoever possesses; has a perfect faith.

  1. When he is pleased and happy, he should commit anything ill out of happiness.
  2. When he is unhappy, he should not go beyond the right because of the unhappiness.
  3. When he gets power, he should not take something from someone that does not belong to him.


Unless a person likes the things that are pleasing to Allah, and dislikes the things which are bad and disliked by Him, his faith cannot be perfect.


He is the wisest and the most knowing man who advises people not to lose hope and faith in the Mercy of Allah and not to be too sure and over-confident of immunity from His Wrath and Punishment.


If you do not know a thing, never feel ashamed to admit ignorance. If you do not know a thing, never hesitate or feel ashamed to learn it. Acquire patience and endurance because their relation with true faith is that of a head to a body, a body is of no use without a head, similarly true faith can be of no use without attributes of resignation, endurance and patience.


To sleep with having sincere faith in religion and Allah is better than to pray with wavering faith.


Faith is:

  • patience during difficulty;
  • and thankfulness during prosperity.

Imam Ali Quotes about Favor

Imam Ali quotes about favor are considered among the great sources of knowledge and understanding. He is known as a person of strength and power but at the same time, he was also known as one of the wisest men of all times. All of his sayings can help us to lead a successful life and to know the importance of our deeds. He has always preached kindness and has asked us to be nice and gentle to the people. It also teaches us that how Allah is favoring us and how we have to show our thanks and regards to Him.

He has taught us to help and favor the poor and helpless as Islam wants us to do. He has told us to seek help from Allah only, in the hours of need, instead asking favors from people. It is a matter of self-respect and to be valued in the society. When people favor someone, they will offer him various attributes and power. But when the people turn away from him, he is humiliated and loses everything.

Imam Ali (R.A.) has told us to be the first to greet and favor someone. It helps the brotherhood to flourish and it is also loved by Allah. But if somebody offers you a help and favors you first, you have to repay him in the proper manner. Helping and favoring someone in the hour of need can turn him into your friend. He may leave the evil and start following the path showed by Islam.

Followings are some of the most popular quotes of Imam Ali (R.A.) about favors that can offer us the understanding we are looking for.


For your brother, offer your blood and wealth, for your enemy, your justice and fairness, and for people in general, your joy and good favor.


Nobility is in 3 traits:

  • Being generous when you have little to give,
  • tolerating without being humiliated,
  • and abstaining from asking for favors.


If you are greeted then return the greetings more warmly. If you are favored, then repay the obligation manifold; but he who takes the initiative will always excel in merit.


When this world favors somebody, it lends him the attributes, and surpassing merits of others and when it turns its face away from him it snatches away even his own excellences and fame.


O son of Adam, when you see that your Lord, the Glorified, bestows His Favors on you while you disobey Him, you should fear Him

You should consider it as a warning that His wrath may not turn those very blessings into misfortunes and you are left with nothing.


Only in this world they could trade with Allah’s Favors and Blessings and only while living here they could barter their good deeds with His Blessings and Rewards.


 Admonish your brother (comrade) by good deeds and kind regards, and ward off his evil by favoring him.


There are people who worship Allah to gain His Favors, this is the worship of traders; while there are some who worship Him to keep themselves free from His Wrath.

Imam Ali Quotes about Depression

Imam Ali quotes about depression can give us hope in the darkest hours of our lives. Depression can cause anyone to take some desperate action and cause harm to someone, even to himself. Medical Science treats depression as an illness. The science has come up with some theories and medicine to heal the depression. But Islam has given a rather simplest way to cure the disease. So having a look at what Imam Ali (R.A.) has said about depression can help us to be hopeful and get rid of depression. Some of his popular quotes are given below.

Root Causes of Depression:

Before finding a cure to any illness, it is extremely important to know its root causes. If you are unaware of the roots of the illness, you cannot find any effective cure. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained the causes of depression through her following sayings:


Nothing hurts a good soul and a kind heart more than to live amongst people who cannot understand it.

It can be frustrating and can lead you to depression when you are unable to explain and express yourself to the people you live among, to the people you care for. It makes you feel useless. In another saying he said:


Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety; after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.

When someone is in trouble of any sort, he gets depressed. But Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has told us that if we have to face any difficulties or troubles, we should not get depressed. Instead, we have to be hopeful and should never lose faith in Allah. So the root causes of depression are troubles and difficulties that lead you to believe that you have no use and have no value. The feeling of uselessness and helplessness lead you to the illness known as depression.

Cures of Depression:

Islam is a comprehensive religion that has guided its followers through all aspects of life. It has not lefts its believers behind even when it comes to depression. Islam has given simple solutions to the problem. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained the cures in his following saying:


When you get ill do not get nervous about it and try as much as possible to be hopeful.

He has told us that whatever the illness is, you should not get nervous but you have to be positive and hopeful. It is the best solution to the illness. Depression is caused when you start feeling hopelessness, so feeling the opposite, being hopeful is the cure to it. Another way to treat the illness has been explained by Imam Ali (R.A.) in following words:


If grief increases, you should mention “there is no power save in Allah.”

He said that when you are in deep pain and misery, you should have a strong faith in Allah. You should say it over and over again that there is no power but only Allah. He is the greatest and only He has control over everything. He can get you out of any trouble, pain and misery. So you have to be strong and believe that Allah is going to help you and get you out of the troubles you are in.

Patience Always Helps:

Islam has given a huge stress on patience. It has advised its believers to be patient no matter what trouble they are in. Imam Ali (R.A) has explained it through his following words:


Patience ensures victory.

He has told us to be patient, no matter what. He has stated that if we are unable to achieve something, we should not just get depressed. We have to be patient and keep on trying and we will surely succeed. If we just get depressed and lose hope, we will surely not achieve anything at all. So be patient and do not lose hope if you want to be victorious.

When you are Deeply Troubled:

Imam Ali (R.A) said:


When the world pushes you to your knees, you’re in the perfect position to pray.

When even your closest ones leave you and you are desperate for help, Allah is the only one to refer to. When you are helpless and have no one for help, that is the perfect time for you to ask Allah’s forgiveness and His help. These are the times when you are passionate to ask Allah’s help and your prayers have even more weight. In such situations, you will pray to Allah wholeheartedly. Who knows if it is a blessing in disguise for you that get you closer to your Creator?

Imam Ali Quotes about Confidence

Imam Ali quotes about confidence can help us to understand the how important it is for Muslims to be self-confident and to have confidence in Allah. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has spent an exemplary life that can guide us through all aspects of life. Followings are some quotes of Imam Ali (R.A.):

Importance of Self-Confidence:

Allah loves all his creations but the humans are given a special place which makes it very important for the humans to be confident. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained it as:


He who does not know his own worth is ruined.

Imam Ali (R.A.) has clearly stated that we must know our own value. If we would not value ourselves, we will not be given any value or respect by the society. If we do not have confidence in our own selves, we will not be able perform effectively in the society or gain any respect. He has explained it through another saying. He said:


The worth of a person is according to his courage (confidence).

The saying has clearly explained that a man’s worth depends on his courage and confidence. If you need to be considered as valuable in the society, you must be confident in your beliefs as well as in your action.

Confidence in Beliefs:

It is a matter of extreme importance for Muslims to be confident about their beliefs. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained it through his following saying:


To have suspicion is one’s belief is equivalent to polytheism

You can stay on the right path and follow the teachings of Islam only if you have a strong confidence in your beliefs. Your confidence leads you throughout your life. You will follow only the things you are confident about. He explained it at another time in following words:


A person only acts tyrannically or arrogantly due to an inner sense of disgrace

Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained that negative emotions or no confidence in one’s self leads him towards committing negative and lowly acts. Confidence makes people feel good and positive about themselves which lead them to a happier life. It is a source of strength and helps you to abide by what is right and keeps you away from conducting lowly acts.

Confidence through the Experiences:

Life can make you confident through various means. One of such means is your own experience.  Imam Ali (R.A.) said:


There is never a shortage of experiences and an intelligent person is he who progresses by it.

Life experiences are the source of learning and understanding of life. Your goods experiences make you more confident about your life and your decisions. But your bad experience can weaver-off your confidence. If you are a wise man, you will make it your power and will learn from it.

Help others to Gain Confidence and Courage:

Islam is not about individuality, it focuses on the good of all humanity. So being a Muslim, we should not keep ourselves distant from others but should always try to help them whenever we can. Imam Ali (R.A.) has also taught us to help others to improve, be confident and courageous. He said:


A person though being underprivileged continues to do pious acts, should be encouraged to keep his strength to continue that good act.

He has explained that if you find anyone specially an underprivileged doing pious work you should be encouraging him. It will make him more confident and courageous and he will not just continue his pious acts but will attract others as well.

Hazrat Ali Quotes about Business

Hazrat Ali quotes about business are considered among the most reliable sources that can guide us to stay on the right path. Islam is a complete religion that has taught us how we should spend our lives. Business and ethics both are interrelated. Islam’s teachings also include how Muslims should do business. Following quotes from Hazrat Ali (R.A.) can offer us a great insight on the matter.

Earn Money through Lawful and Halal Means Only:

Islam has always stressed upon earning halal money. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has also explained it on various occasions. He said:


Be cautious, brother, and make your meals lawful for the light of the heart comes through lawful eating.

He has clearly stated that we should earn through legitimate and halal means only. There should be no fraud, dishonesty or lies involved. If our meals are  purchased through the money earned by haram or unlawful means, it will darken not only our hearts but also our souls.

Well-Being of Society through Business:

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) strongly believed that the business play an important role for the well-being of a society. He also believed that no trader or businessman should be greedy. Refer to the following quote to understand it in a better way. He said to his companion Musadif that:


Fighting with swords (in jihad) is easier than seeking the legitimate (sustenance).

He said this to Musadif when he came back from Egypt earning 100% profit by selling merchandise purchased with Hazrat Ali’s money. He earned the profit because it was in high demand in Egypt and he pledged that he will not sell it for less than 100% profit. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) took back his capital only, not the profit. He did this not because of the high profit but because he was concerned for the well-being of society. Selling goods at higher prices just because people are in need of those goods in not fair for any society. It is very important for Muslim to think of society’s well-being first and then for his profits. He should always sale his goods at reasonable price.

Black Marketing and Hoarding are prohibited:

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said that:


If the traders and industrialists carry on hoarding and black-marketing, then you must punish them according to the intensity of their crime.

There are numerous incidents where businessmen and traders stock goods to create a shortage of the goods in market. This causes the prices to go higher and they make a lot higher profits than they could have earned at normal prices. Islam has dis-allowed and strongly prohibited such practices.

Correct Measures and Weights:

Hazrat Ali (R.A.) said:


Trade should go on between the buyers and sellers according to correct measures and weights and on such reasonable terms that neither the consumers nor the suppliers should have to face losses.

It is very important for a business to work on fair terms. A businessman or trader should provide right quantities of his goods to buyers. It can ensure that none of them has to suffer any loss. It is very important for smooth running of any business.

Honesty and Truthfulness:

Honesty and truthfulness hold a very important place in Islam. Once a Muslim came to Hazrat Ali (R.A) and asked for advice to start a business. Hazrat Ali (R.A) said:


I urge you to be truthful in your words; not to conceal the defect in your merchandise; not to deceive a gullible person, because deceiving him is not allowed

A Muslim businessman should always tell the truth and should be honest about his merchandise. He should not deceive anyone and should not conceal if his merchandise has any defects.

Do Not Swear to Sell Merchandise:

These days, swearing to sale goods is a very common practice among businessmen and traders. It is disliked by Islam and forbidden. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) also disliked swearing for the purpose of selling merchandise that is explained in his following quote:


“I urge you to refrain from swearing because a false oath will lead the person to the fire”

Through falsifying and swearing, we may get more value for our goods but we will have to pay very high price in afterlife.