Hazrat Ali Quotes about Marriage

Hazrat Ali quotes about marriage give Muslims an idea on how to live their married lives. As he married many women in his lifetime, he had considerable experience in the marital affairs. When two people marry, they are responsible for each other. Mola Ali advised Muslims to treat their spouses with love and care. He asked the husbands to be sincere to their women and not stare at stranger women. He gave clear instructions on even the private matters of husband and wife. He asked Muslim husband and wife to pray to ALLAH to keep them safe from the evil influence of Eblis. Given below are some really wise quotes of Hazrat Ali about marriage:

Mola Ali Quotes about Marriage

Before you try to copulate with your wife, you should wait until she attains the same desire that you have.

In copulation with your lady, you should speak as little as possible, because speaking during copulation may cause deafness to the child.

Do not look inside your lady’s private part, as it may cause leprosy.

Before you touch your lady, you should say: ‘O Allah! She has been made legal to me due to your commandment and I accepted her by your security. If you decide to give us a son, make him a sound baby and do not let the Eblis have a share in its composition.

The eyes of these men are covetous and this glancing is the cause of their becoming covetous. Whenever anyone of you sees a woman who attracts him, he should meet his wife because she is a woman like his wife.

In the first and middle nights of the Hijri months, do not copulate with your ladies, because the Eblis searched for sons in such times.

It is recommended for Muslims to copulate with their wives on the first night of Ramadan, as Allah says: ‘It is made lawful for you during the nights of fasting, to have carnal relations with your wives.

Do not devote much of your activity to your wife and your children, because if your wife and children are lovers of Allah then He will not leave His lovers uncared for, and if they be enemies of Allah then why should you worry and keep yourself busy about the enemies of Allah.

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