Hazrat Ali Quotes about Obedience

Hazrat Ali quotes about obedience are very important to understand the significance of obeying Allah and also his commands. Obedience of Allah is the precondition of being a Muslim. You must have a strong faith in Allah obey all his command and live your life as He has commanded. Islam is all about living a life according to Allah’s commands. Islam is about doing as Allah has told us. Without following His commands, a Muslim cannot be successful in this world or in afterlife. Disobeying Allah means suffering in both of the worlds.

Hazrat Ali quotes about obedience guide us in the right direction. So that we can live our lives according to Islam and be successful in both of the worlds. He has told us that Allah has created us all to obey his commands and to do good deeds to the world. We can benefit from this world as well as afterlife only by obeying Allah. Obedience does not mean only believing but it includes performing the required actions as well. Without acting accordingly, obedience is incomplete. It is very important to a Muslim that he follows Allah’s command and persuade others as well.

So, followings are some of the popular quotes of Hazrat Ali (R.A) about obedience that can offer us an insight and can help us to stay on the right path.


“You were ordered to obey Allah, and you were created to perform good deeds.”


“Jihad is divided into four branches: to persuade people to be obedient to Allah; to prohibit them from sin and vice; to struggle (in the cause of Allah) sincerely and firmly on all occasions and to detest the vicious.”


“Your welfare does not lie in your having enormous wealth and numerous children but it rests in your being highly educated and forbearing and in your being proud of your obedience to Allah.”


“I define Islam for you in a way that nobody dared do it before me. Islam means obedience to Allah, obedience to Allah means having sincere faith in Him, such a faith means to believe in His Power, belief in His Power means recognizing and accepting His Majesty, acceptance of His Majesty means fulfilling the obligations laid down by Him and fulfillment of obligations means actions.”


“My first and foremost advice to you, my son, is to fear Allah. Be His obedient servant. Keep His thought always fresh in your mind. Be attached to and carefully guard the principles (Islam) which connect you with Him.”


“In all of your affairs keep the thought of Allah in your mind and act according to His Commands and interdictions because obedience to His Orders has priority over every other thing. By various means and in various ways persuade yourself towards prayers but do not be hard with yourself, be gentle and persuasive.”


“There are people who worship Allah to gain His Favors, this is the worship of traders; while there are some who worship Him to keep themselves free from His Wrath, this is the worship of slaves; a few who obey Him out’ of their sense of gratitude and obligations, this is the worship of free and noble men.”

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