Imam Ali Quotes about Arrogance

Imam Ali quotes about arrogance can offer us a deeper insight into the topic. Arrogance is the opposite of the taqwa and selflessness. Islam has forbidden Muslims to be arrogant but to be kind and selfless. Arrogance is when someone starts thinking of himself as a better person than others. It leads him to treat other people as if they are inferior and worthless as compared to him. Allah hates the arrogance and does not like an arrogant person. It can be clearly understood if you know that what turned the most humble Angel of Allah into the Satan. Iblees was arrogant as he is made of fire and the Adam with dust.

Imam Ali quotes about arrogance help us understand the effects of arrogance that an arrogant person has to brook. An arrogant person has to bear various troubles in this world as well as in the Afterlife. Arrogance leads a person into treating other people selfishly and indecently because he thinks of himself superior to others. A person with arrogance is not liked by anyone. People start avoiding him and as a result, he may be left alone without any friend or companion. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has told us to always remember the grave and the Hereafter. There is no one superior or inferior but depending on his deeds whether good or bad.


“There are two days in your life, one in your favor and second against is to you, so when it is in favor Thanks to Allah, do not get arrogant and when it is against to you, have patients and faith in Allah.”


“The sin that makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deeds that turn you arrogant”


“Two things cause people to be destroyed (and lead unto Hell): fear of poverty, and seeking superiority through pride.”


“You should avoid self-admiration, having reliance upon what appears good in yourself, and love of exaggerated praise because this is one of the most reliable opportunities for Satan.”


“Do not act in a way that you may in future feel sorry for your actions and may have to offer excuses and apologies. Do not get arrogant when times prove favourable to you and do not show weakness when your duties require you to be strong and resolute.”


“I wonder at the arrogance of a haughty and vain person. Yesterday he was only a drop of semen and tomorrow he will turn into a corpse. I wonder at the man who observes the Universe created by Allah and doubts His Being and Existence. I wonder at the man who sees people dying around him and yet he has forgotten his end.”


“Know it well, son, that there are two kinds of livelihood: one which you are searching for and the other which follows you (which has been destined for you). It will reach you even if you do not try to obtain it. To be submissive, humble, crawling and begging when one is needy, powerless and poor and to be arrogant, oppressing and cruel when in power and opulence are two very ugly traits of the human character.”


“Be very careful of the welfare of the poor people. Do not be arrogant and vain against them. Remember that you have to take particular care of those who cannot reach you.”

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