Imam Ali Quotes about Confidence

Imam Ali quotes about confidence can help us to understand the how important it is for Muslims to be self-confident and to have confidence in Allah. Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has spent an exemplary life that can guide us through all aspects of life. Followings are some quotes of Imam Ali (R.A.):

Importance of Self-Confidence:

Allah loves all his creations but the humans are given a special place which makes it very important for the humans to be confident. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained it as:


He who does not know his own worth is ruined.

Imam Ali (R.A.) has clearly stated that we must know our own value. If we would not value ourselves, we will not be given any value or respect by the society. If we do not have confidence in our own selves, we will not be able perform effectively in the society or gain any respect. He has explained it through another saying. He said:


The worth of a person is according to his courage (confidence).

The saying has clearly explained that a man’s worth depends on his courage and confidence. If you need to be considered as valuable in the society, you must be confident in your beliefs as well as in your action.

Confidence in Beliefs:

It is a matter of extreme importance for Muslims to be confident about their beliefs. Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained it through his following saying:


To have suspicion is one’s belief is equivalent to polytheism

You can stay on the right path and follow the teachings of Islam only if you have a strong confidence in your beliefs. Your confidence leads you throughout your life. You will follow only the things you are confident about. He explained it at another time in following words:


A person only acts tyrannically or arrogantly due to an inner sense of disgrace

Imam Ali (R.A.) has explained that negative emotions or no confidence in one’s self leads him towards committing negative and lowly acts. Confidence makes people feel good and positive about themselves which lead them to a happier life. It is a source of strength and helps you to abide by what is right and keeps you away from conducting lowly acts.

Confidence through the Experiences:

Life can make you confident through various means. One of such means is your own experience.  Imam Ali (R.A.) said:


There is never a shortage of experiences and an intelligent person is he who progresses by it.

Life experiences are the source of learning and understanding of life. Your goods experiences make you more confident about your life and your decisions. But your bad experience can weaver-off your confidence. If you are a wise man, you will make it your power and will learn from it.

Help others to Gain Confidence and Courage:

Islam is not about individuality, it focuses on the good of all humanity. So being a Muslim, we should not keep ourselves distant from others but should always try to help them whenever we can. Imam Ali (R.A.) has also taught us to help others to improve, be confident and courageous. He said:


A person though being underprivileged continues to do pious acts, should be encouraged to keep his strength to continue that good act.

He has explained that if you find anyone specially an underprivileged doing pious work you should be encouraging him. It will make him more confident and courageous and he will not just continue his pious acts but will attract others as well.

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