Imam Ali Quotes about Courtesy

Imam Ali quotes about courtesy can offer us clarity of views. Islam has always stressed Muslims to observe courtesy in all of its forms. Courtesy is one of the virtues that can lead a man towards the perfection. It can elevate a person higher in the sight of Allah as well as the people. Courtesy is a completely opposite of pride. It means that a person should not think of himself as better and greater person than others. In addition, he should think of other people as equal or even better persons than himself. It helps the courteous to preserve his honor as well as the dignity of other people.

Imam Ali quotes about courtesy can inspire us to become courteous to others and leave the pride far behind. His whole life is a great example of courtesy. He could afford a better and luxurious life. But he chose to be humble and meek. He has told us that you do not have to spend anything for observing courtesy. But it can get you everything. Everyone likes a person who is kind and courteous. It makes them respect the person and people start to like him. The courtesy can get you love of people and can elevate you in their sight. He has not just advised the common people to observe courtesy but also to the rulers.

Below given are some of the popular and self-explaining quotes of Imam Ali (R.A) for your considerations:


“Among the people, he is the esteemed one who observes courtesy when he is elevated. And despite of having power and strength he keeps observing mansuetude.”


“The way you will have mercy on people, they will have mercy on you in similar manner. As much as you are courteous to them, they will revere at same level.”


“The person who does not benefit himself from his own self, no one else gets benefited from him. And the person who does not observe courtesy and downwardness by himself, he cannot be elevated in the eyes of anyone.”


“When a gentleman becomes erudite, he observes courtesy but when a vile person becomes lettered, he becomes megalomaniacal”


“Silence will create respect and dignity; justice and fair play will bring more friends; benevolence and charity will enhance prestige and position; courtesy will draw benevolence; service of mankind will secure leadership and good words will overcome powerful enemies.”


“Do you expect Allah to grant you rewards reserved for courteous, kind and benevolent people, while you actually are proud, vain, haughty and miserly? Do you hope to receive His Blessings reserved for charitable, generous and kind-hearted persons who always help the poor and the needy, while you, rolling in wealth and luxuries, prevent any part of your wealth from reaching the disabled persons and poverty-ridden old widows?”


“The young among you should follow the elders while the elders should be kind to the young. Do not be like those rude people of the pre-lslamic (al-jahiliyyah) period who did not exert themselves in religion nor use their intellects in the matter of Allah.”


Hazrat Ali (R.A) advised his governor to be courteous to his subjects in following words:

“Be kind, tolerant and lenient as far as and as long as possible but when you feel that your purpose cannot be achieved without severity only then can you adopt such an attitude. But remember always to treat them sympathetically, kindly, courteously and to treat them cheerfully.”

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