Imam Ali Quotes about Hereafter

Imam Ali quotes about hereafter can play a very important role in understanding the importance of believing in hereafter. And it can help us in preparing ourselves for the Day of Judgment. Believing in hereafter and afterlife is an important part of being a Muslim. The faith cannot be complete without believing in hereafter. All the humans will be judged by Allah based on their deeds in this world. Nothing will be helpful at the Day, neither wealth nor relations. But only the good deeds one has done in this world. The one with the higher numbers of good deeds will enjoy his afterlife in Paradise. And the one with the higher numbers of sins will have to suffer for his wrong doings.

Imam Ali quotes about hereafter offer us a great opportunity to understand the fact of after life. His preaching can make us understand that this world is temporary. Only the afterlife is permanent. This world is the place where we can gather all the virtues and goodness for hereafter. Only through good deeds we can have a peaceful and blessed afterlife. He has guided us to not to lure ourselves into the lusts of this temporary world. All the enjoyments and fun of this world will be over by the death. Given below are some of the popular quotes of Imam Ali about hereafter:


He, who sells the life of the hereafter for the life of this world, will lose both of them.


The oppressor and oppressed will both suffer in the hereafter. The oppressor for his tyranny and the oppressed for accepting it.


Every aspect of this life seems greater upon hearing than what it is seen, and every aspect of hereafter is greater when it will be seen than what it is heard about.


Do not desert us for the sake of the greed of the world, as these will be taken away from you and you will be removed from it (by meeting your death). Thus the one, who prefers this world over hereafter and takes it instead of us, will experience terrible humiliation.


Sons and wealth are the reward of this world, and righteous deeds are the reward of the hereafter, and Allah may bestow both upon some people.

The landlords of Amber, Syria came to meet Imam Ali (R.A) when he reached there. They came down from their horses and started running in front of him. They did it according to their custom to show respect and love. Hazrat Ali replied to them:


By Allah, by your action you do no good whatsoever to your rulers but you tire yourself and put yourself in toils in this world and in trouble in the next. How unfortunate is that exertion, which brings harm here and in the Hereafter and how useful is that ease which keeps you in comfort in this world and away from the Hell in the next.


Those are the fortunate people who adopt piety as the principle of their lives and are fully attentive to their welfare for the Hereafter. They accept bare earth as the most comfortable bed and water as the most pleasant drink. They adopt the Holy Qur’an and prayers as their guide and protector and like Prophet Jesus Christ (Isa) they forsake the world and its vicious pleasure.


Certainly, this world is a house of truth for those who look into it carefully, an abode of peace and rest for those who understand its ways and moods and it is the best working ground for those who want to procure rewards for life in the Hereafter.

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