Imam Ali Quotes about Modesty

Imam Ali quotes about modesty clearly and successfully convey the message of Islam about modesty. Modesty helps people to hold back and prevent themselves from engaging in undesirable and ill deeds. The holy Quran is a great source of guidelines for every walk of life. It includes the explanation and guidelines about modesty as well. From its start to the end, you cannot find a single phrase or verse that is far from modesty. Modesty has to be adopted by everyone but it is more befitting for women. Women have to give more importance to modesty as compared to men and have to be more careful.

Imam Ali quotes about modesty are self-explanatory. Even a person with a little intellect can understand the message conveyed by Hazrat Ali (R.A). He has told us ten social virtues and modesty is one of these. He has stated that the modesty is the highest worship. And at another occasion, he has stated that a person does not have faith if he does not have modesty. Both of the sayings are capable of explaining that ho important modesty is in Islam. Moreover, he has told us that the modesty is not required in actions only. We need to adopt it in our thoughts as well.

Refer to the given below quotes of Imam Ali (R.A) about modesty for a better understanding.


“No belief is like modesty and patience, no attainment is like humility, no honor is like knowledge, no power is like forbearance, and no support is more reliable than consultation”


“They are safe from chastisement, away from punishment, and kept aloof from fire. Their abode will be peaceful and they will be pleased with their longing and their place of stay. These are the people whose acts in this world were chaste, their eyes were tearful, their nights in this world were like days because of fearing and seeking forgiveness, and their days were like nights because of feeling of loneliness and separation.”


“One who talk too much, his mistakes increase and consequently the one whose mistakes increase his modesty decreases and the one who lacks modesty his piety become low and whose piety is low his soul dies and the one whose soul has died will enter Hell.”


“Their hearts are grieved, they are protected against evils, their bodies are thin, their needs are scanty, and their souls are chaste. They endured (hardship) for a short while, and in consequence they secured comfort for a long time. It is a beneficial transaction that Allah made easy for them.”


“Keep your thoughts cleaner than pure water. As water drops make a river, thoughts make character and faith.”


“Then He put His angels on trial concerning these attributes in order to distinguish those who are modest from those who are vain.”


“You should follow your Prophet, the pure, the chaste, may Allah bless him and his descendants. In him is the example for the follower, and the consolation for the seeker of consolation. The most beloved person before Allah is he who follows His Prophet and who treads in his footsteps. He took the least (share) from this world and did not take a full glance at it.”

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