Imam Ali Quotes about Brotherhood

Imam Ali quotes about brotherhood have an important place among all the Muslims. It makes them understand the importance of brotherhood in Islam. And it helps them to know that what kind of brothers they should be bonded to. Islam has always stressed upon helping each other and strengthening brotherhood. The migration of Muslims from Makah to Medina is a huge example of brotherhood. The people of Medina shared everything with their Muslim brothers who had left all their belongings behind when they migrated. They even got mixed up with each other as if they were real brothers. They helped and cherished each other in every walk of life. It became a huge turning point towards the success of Muslims and for the growth of Islam.

Imam Ali quotes about brotherhood depicts the importance he has given to the strong brotherhood. He has even similes a brother to the gold. Although the saying is commonly referred to show the importance of a friend but most of the people neglect what he said about the brother. He has told us that even if a brother gets angry, he will come back to you and it will be like the fight has never happened.

But at the same time, he has told us that what kind of brothers we should stick to. He has told us that we should hold onto such people and make them our brothers who guide us toward the right path and should not let us astray. He is the one, who should help us to always do the right thing and forbid us from evildoings.


“He is your best brother, who inspires you to become a truthful person by his own truthfulness, and motivates you to perform noble deeds by his own good deeds.”


“Certainly, he is your brother in reality, who forgives your digression and mistake, fulfills your needs and accepts your excuse. Covers your imperfection, expel your fear, and fulfill your expectation.”


“Undoubtedly, people have become brothers when they are committing sins and performing ill deeds and they are abstracted and disassociated from each other when it comes to performing religious works. They love each other when lying but become enemies when someone tells the truth.”


“If your brother is doing evil to you, you should favor him more than his evildoings. If he cutoff relation with you, you should engraft yourself to him even more strongly than before.”


“A brother is like gold and a friend is like diamond. If gold cracks you can melt it and make it just like it was before. If a diamond cracks, it can never be like it was before.”


“If you want to cut off relations with your brother, make sure to leave a place for him in your heart, so that he can return to it one day when he wishes so.”


“You must hold to the brotherhood of such a person who affrights you from evildoings and forefends you from it. Indeed, such a person helps you and shows you the right path.”


“Admonish your brother by good deeds and kind regards, and ward off his evil by favoring him.”