Imam Ali Quotes about Taqwa (God Consciousness)

Imam Ali quotes about taqwa are inspiring for all the Muslims. Taqwa signifies the complete submission to Allah and His will. It is about avoiding the things forbidden by Allah and refraining yourself from inappropriate and prohibited things in the life. Taqwa is all about doing deeds according to the commands of Allah and according to His will. Allah says that taqwa is not just about offering prayers. Taqwa is believing in Allah, the Judgment day, Angels, Quran and the messengers of Allah. Just believing is not enough if we truly need to adopt taqwa. It must be depicted through our actions and our lives.

Imam Ali quotes about taqwa can offer us a great help in understanding it. We can adopt taqwa in our lives only if we know it better, otherwise it is just another word. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has explained taqwa that it is the fear of Allah and acting as Quran has told us. In addition, we have to be content with whatever Allah has given us and we must prepare ourselves for the Day of Judgment. He has also told us not to complain if Allah has not granted us the things we want in life. We must understand that we cannot avail the things that are not suitable for us as He knows the best.

Given here under are some of Imam Ali quotes about taqwa:


“Taqwa is to fear the Almighty; to act upon the revelation; to be content with little; and to prepare for the day of travel.”


“Be more concerned with having your deeds accepted than with the deed itself. Did you not hear Allah say” Surely, Allah only accepts from those who have taqwa.””


“If you desire Allah to be persistent in granting you the things you love, be persistent in doing the things He loves”


“Now then, I advise you to fear Allah, Who created you for the first time; towards Him is your return, with Him lies the success of your aims, at Him terminate (all) your desires, towards Him runs your path of right and He is the aim of your fears (for seeking protection). Certainly, fear of Allah is the medicine for your hearts, sight for the blindness of your spirits, the cure for the ailments of your bodies, the rectifier of the evils of your breasts, the purifier of the pollution of your minds, the light of the darkness of your eyes, the consolation for the fear of your heart and the brightness for the gloom of your ignorance.”


“The people of taqwa on earth are those of virtue: their speech is correct (true); their garments are of moderate nature and their walk is one of humility. They lower their gazes when they see something Allah has forbidden them to see and they give an ear to the beneficial knowledge. They maintain their integrity and both adversity and prosperity.”


“You should therefore exercise fear of Allah because it has a rope whose twist is strong and its pinnacle is lofty and invulnerable. Hasten toward death in its pangs (by doing good acts) and be prepared for it before its approach, because the ultimate end is the Day of Judgment. This is enough preaching for one who understands and enough of a lesson for one who does not know. What idea do you have, before reaching that end, of the narrowness of grave, the hardship of loneliness, fear of the passage towards the next world, the pangs of fear, the shifting of ribs here and there (due to narrowing of the grave), the deafness of ears, the darkness of the grave, fear of the promised punishment, the closing of the receptacle of the grave and the laying of stones?”