Imam Ali Quotes about Ahl al-Bayt

Imam Ali quotes about Ahl al-Bayt can enlighten a candle deep into our hearts. It reflects the importance and respect they deserve. The sayings of Imam Ali (R.A) help us to understand the facts about Ahl al-Bayt. And the role Allah almighty has granted them. They have some very important duties to perform in this world. We must follow them to learn and reform ourselves. They possess a deep knowledge of Islam. They are commanded by Allah to help the Muslims and do not let them astray. Through acting according to their guidance, we can save ourselves from the punishments and sufferings in the afterlife.

Imam Ali quotes about Ahl al-Bayt make us understand the unique place Allah has blessed them with. As we all are well aware that the Ahl al-Bayt had to face numerous hardships. Yet they are flourishing and offering their help to the Muslims to reform themselves. At various occasions Imam Ali (R.A) has told the Muslims to follow the guidance of Ahl al-Bayt. He asked to support them whenever they need it. The one who will leave them and will seek guidance from someone else may have to face the wrath of Allah. Allah has blessed Ahl al-Bayt with the knowledge that they have to convey to all the humans.

Followings are some of the popular and meaningful sayings of Imam Ali (R.A) about Ahl al-Bayt:


“We, Ahl al-Bayt (chosen descendants of the Holy Prophet), hold such central and balancing position in religion that those who are deficient in understanding and acting upon its principles, will have to come to us for reformation, and those who are overdoing it have got to learn moderation from us.”


“Do not leave the right and the Ahl al-Bayt. He, who will leave the Ahl al-Bayt and will follow someone else, will have to suffer in this world and in the hereafter.”


“No one among the Ummah of Muhammad (PBUH) is equal to Ahl al-Bayt in terms of their relation with the Prophet (PBUH). How can the people, who are always receiving their continuous favors, can be equal to them.”

After the conquest of Basra, Hazrat Ali (R.A) wrote a letter to the Kufa citizens containing the following words:


“O’ Citizens of Kufa! May the Merciful Lord reward you on His behalf and on behalf of the Ahl al-Bayt (Progeny of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)) for obeying their orders and coming to their help. May He reward you more handsomely than He rewards those who obey His commands.”

Imam Ali (R.A) said to Mu’awiya:


“We, Ahl al-Bayt are unique examples of the creation of Allah. For such a status, we are not under obligation to any person or tribe but the Almighty Allah who granted us these blessings. Human beings have received and will receive perfection through us.”


“By Allah, I have knowledge of the conveyance of messages, fulfillment of promises and of entire expressions. We the people of the house (Ahl al-Bayt) possess the doors of wisdom and light of governance. Beware that the paths of religion are one and its highways are straight.”


“Where are those who falsely and unjustly claimed that they are deeply versed in knowledge, as against us, although Allah raised us in position and kept them down, bestowed upon us knowledge but deprived them, and entered us (in the fortress of knowledge) but kept them out.”