Hazrat Ali Quotes about Entrustment

Hazrat Ali quotes about entrustment make us understand the significance of entrustment in Islam. We all have to entrust people with our important and precious belonging for various reasons. But whenever we look for someone to safe keep our precious items, we make sure that he is trustworthy. So it is all about trusting each other. People may entrust us with their belongings if they think of us as the trustworthy and honest ones. Basically, it is not the safe keeping that is important but the trust and faith they have put in us.

Hazrat Ali quotes about entrustment teaches us exactly the same that we should never break the trust people have in us. He has proven the importance of entrustment not just through his words but also through his actions. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) handed over deposited belongings of people of Makah to Hazrat Ali (R.A) when Muslims were ordered by Allah to migrate to Medina. So he stayed behind to return the entrusted items to their rightful owners. At the time, he knew it very well that his life was in danger. He stayed because it was his duty and compulsion by Islam to return the items safe and sound to their owners. He migrated to Medina only after he had returned each and every item he was handed over.

Given hereunder are some of the popular quotes of Hazrat Ali (R.A) about entrustment.

When Hazrat Ali (R.A) instructed to gather Zakat, he said following words for entrustment:


“Entrust this lot only to such person who is honest and who can be trusted and who can guard the property of the Muslims sympathetically till it reaches their ruler and caliph so that it may be distributed equitably among the Muslims.”

He further said:


“I want to instruct you once again that you should not entrust these goods and animals to anyone who is not honest. Entrust them to one who is trustworthy and who is of a kind and sympathetic disposition so that he may not treat the animals cruelly and may not starve them or tire them out during the transit.”


“When someone finds you trustworthy and entrust you with his belongings, you should return it when he needs it. You should not even betray the trust of someone who has betrayed yours.”


“I order you not to pretend fear of Allah and assume false piety and to go against His Orders secretly. One whose deeds coincide with his words and who is as honest in his secret activities as in open deeds, is the person who has faithfully discharged the duty laid down upon him by the Lord, his honesty handed over the things entrusted to him and has sincerely obeyed Allah only to achieve His favors and blessings.”


“Trust in Allah and let your mind seek His protection in every calamity and suffering. Because you will thus entrust yourself and your affairs to the Best Trustee and to the Mightiest Guardian.”


“The one who does not have an attribute of entrust, who does not have any intellect; he has no place of his religion, and the one who does not have a deed has no reward.”


“The person whose integrity is correct and true, his fiduciary duty is also correct.”