Hazrat Ali Quotes about Experience

Hazrat Ali quotes about experience help us understand the importance of experience in our daily lives. The life of a person is a constant chain of experiences that play an important role in developing his personality. Thoughts, decisions and actions are the factors that comprise personality of a person. All the factors of someone’s personality base on the experiences he had throughout his life. His experiences can be good and bad. If a person has more positive experiences than negative ones, he will have a positive personality. It can be opposite, but not necessarily true, for the person who has more negative experiences than the positive ones. All the experiences of a person can help him to lead a productive and positive life.

Hazrat Ali quotes about experience can help us to know how our experiences affect our daily lives. The person with experience and the one without experience are a lot different from each other. The person who has more experience can advise better as he may have a better understanding of the matter. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has said that the value of a person’s opinion depends on how experienced he is. Moreover, he has told us that it is not necessary that you must experience the things yourself. The experience of your elders can be a great source of knowledge and understanding to make more appropriate decisions.

Given here under are some of the popular and inspiring Hazrat Ali quotes about experience for your better understanding:


“That is your best experience from which you get an advice. And that is the best knowledge from which you gain alliance and amendment.”


“I felt that my own sons and my near ones have as much right to utilize my experiences and knowledge, all the ups and downs of life, all the realities and all the truths about life in this world and in the Hereafter, which are as much known to me as others.”


“Then, I have made use of early opportunities to educate you and train you before your mind loses its freshness, before it gets hardened or warped, before you start facing life unprepared for the encounter, and before you are forced to use your decisions and discretions without gaining advantages of cumulated traditions, collected knowledge and experiences of others.”


“Wisdom is the name of the trait of remembering experiences and making use of them. The best experience is the one which gives the best warning and advice.”


“Surely, unfortunate is he who possesses wisdom and acquires experience and yet does not care to make use of either.”


“He, whom Allah does not allow benefit from trials and experience cannot benefit from preaching. He will faced with losses from in front, so that he will approve what is bad and disapprove what is good.”


“Beware Allah’s believers; till there is time to the last breath, the soul is not captured. Intellect is scatheless, comfort in the body, the senses are sound and will is available. There is time remaining for the leisure for penitence and for abrogation of sins. Before the contraction of abilities and futility of senses and before the time of breathing the last breath, before the arrival of invisible expectant and passing injunction of the decease by Allah Almighty, there is time for repentance.”