Imam Ali Quotes about Fool

Imam Ali quotes about fool help us understand that who actually is a fool and what is foolishness. A fool is a person that has a weak mind. He has a mediocre intellect and careless when it comes to words as well as actions. It is not limited to the worldly matters but also to the religious matters. In worldly matters, it is the inability of a person to manage his affairs the right way. It is his illogical actions and his stupidity when he is dealing with any situation. He has a desire to lead people but he is not fit for the role. He will lead the people to the destruction.

Imam Ali quotes about fool let us know how a fool reacts and what the consequences he has to face. He has told us that we should think first and if the ideas are good, only then we should speak. But a fool always speaks without thinking about anything. Such a behavior can cause disturbance or problem to other people as well as to himself. He has also told us not to argue with a fool. He will never understand what you are trying to explain. He will stay stiff on what he was saying or what he believes in. He won’t understand irrespective of how well you are explaining your point of view.

Presented below are some of the popular and useful quotes of Imam Ali (R.A) about a fool:


“How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health is gaining wealth, and then to regain his health back he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as through death shall never come to him. But dies in a way as if he was never born.”


“A fool’s mind is at the mercy of his tongue. And a wise man’s tongue is under the control of his mind.”


“To keep silent when you can say something wise and useful is as bad as keeping on propagating foolish and unwise thoughts.”


“I have never argued with an ignorant fool and won; nor have I argued with a rational person and lost.”


“Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, rather talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it.”


“There are four things that make the heart die: wrong action followed by wrong action, playing around with foolish people, spending a lot of time with women, and sitting with the dead.”


“Do not make friendship with a fool because when he will try to do you good he will do you harm; do not make a miser your friend because he will run away from you at the time of your dire need; do not be friendly with a vicious and wicked person because he will sell you and your friendship at the cheapest price and do not make friend of a liar because like a mirage he will make you visualize very near the things which lie at a great distance and will make you see at the great distance the things which are near to you”.