Imam Ali Quotes about Pleasing Allah

Imam Ali quotes about pleasing Allah can enhance our vision and guide us. It can show us the ways through which we can please our Creator, Allah Almighty. Pleasing Allah means that we must have a strong faith in Allah, His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Quran. But that is not just it as it also requires us to do all the things according to His commands. If our actions are not in accordance with Islam, we cannot please Allah. All of our actions should depict our believing in Allah. We should do the things that He has commanded us and the way he has instructed. We should also keep ourselves distant from the things that He has forbidden.

Imam Ali quotes about pleasing Allah guide us towards the right path. He has told us that if we receive what we wanted, we should be thankful to Allah. But if He does not grant us our wishes, we should know that it is for our own good. We must not think otherwise. We have to completely submit ourselves to Allah if we really want to please Him. If we like or dislike something, it should be to please Allah.

Followings are some of the quotes of Imam Ali (R.A) that can help us to know how we can please Allah, in this world as well as in the hereafter.


“If you meet and visit someone, do it to please Allah. If you sit with a group, it should be for His will and if you give something to someone; it should be for the pleasure of Allah, if you keep something from someone, it should be for pleasing Him. Even whatever you do, you should do it for the pleasure of Allah.”


“O Allah, bestow upon us the blessings of Your consent. And relieve us from extending our hand (asking for help) to others.”


“It is the fruit of the religion that a person makes someone a friend only for the will of Allah, if he makes someone an enemy, it is for His will, meet people for pleasing Him. Even though, whatever he does, he does it in order to please Allah.”


“Sometimes a man feels very happy for getting a thing which was actually destined for him and feels sorry for not getting a thing which he was not destined to get. Therefore, you should not feel happy if your desires are fulfilled and should not feel sorry for deprivations. Leave everything to the Will of Allah.”\


“Remember that the Pleasure of Allah can substitute the pleasure of everybody else and it will be the most beneficial substitute for you but His Pleasure cannot be substituted by anything.”


“He has good news whose knowledge, action, friendship, enmity, receiving, offering, talks and also the silence are purely for the will and happiness of Allah.”


“The person, who seeks the pleasure of Allah and does not care for the happiness and discontent of people over it, Allah turns the ones who condemn him into the ones who praise him.”