Hazrat Ali Quotes about Promise

Hazrat Ali quotes about promise teach us that the fulfillment of promise is a virtue. Islam has given a huge importance to fulfilling the promises and Hazrat Ali (R.A.) has explained it through his sayings as well as his actions. According to Islam, it is immoral to break a promise and Islam forbids against the immoralities of all sorts. Without the institution of promises followed by the assurances of fulfillment of these promises, it is not possible for a human society to function. It is one of the most important aspects of a human life to keep the promises.

Although, it is important for all humans to fulfill the promises they make but it is a compulsion for Muslims. Violating a promise harms dignity and respect of a person in the society. Each and every person must keep his promises and consider it as an evil and immoral to break a promise to become a faithful Muslim.

Hazrat Ali quotes about promise explain exactly what Islam has taught us. He has told us that we should only make the promises for which we are sure that we can fulfill it. If one is unsure about the fulfillment, he should not make any promise at all. On another occasion, he has further explained that a false promise is a form of lying and Islam strictly prohibits lying to anyone. He has also told is that Allah does not like the one who cannot keep his promise and he has to face the hatred of Allah. Followings are some of the most popular quotes of Imam (R.A.) explaining the importance of promise in Islam.


Where you cannot keep your promise, do not make one. Where you cannot discharge a guarantee, do not give one.


A believer is a brother to his believing fellow, an eye and a guide for him. He never betrays wrongs or tricks him, nor does he make to him a promise which he breaks.


There are two matters which are inseparable from lying: making too many promises and making even more excuses.


He, who violates his promise, is not the one who fulfills his commitments and promises; and he, who follows his habits, can never gain higher ranks.


A promise is considered as a debt, the liability to pay it back depends on one’s morals.


Honesty is a Divine tongue.  To fulfill promises is the highest form of integrity.  Truth means conformity of speech with the Divine mode of working.


Falsehood is not good; whether in earnest or in jest.  It is not fit that any of you makes a promise to his child and not fulfill his promise.


A promise which a believer makes to his brother is a vow that has no expiation; so he who fails to fulfill it, his failure will be counted against Allah and he will be exposed to His hatred. Allah says: ‘O you who believe, why do you say that which you do not do? It is most hateful to Allah that you should say that which you do not do.