Hazrat Ali Quotes about Ill Temper

Hazrat Ali quotes about ill temper bring out the views of Islam on the topic. Islam never liked anger, mistreatment to people and ill temper. But it has always stressed upon dealing other people with love and kindness. The ill temper is a form of infection that has to be treated immediately with proper care. It becomes stronger and stronger as the time passes by. If the treatment of this infection is delayed, it can become permanent. It can snatch away the senses of a human and turns him into a mere brute beast. It is a deception of the Satan and his temptation. So, we must keep ourselves distant from the ill temper.

Our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has also commanded Muslims to treat people with love and kindness. He (PBUH), himself has treated all the people, even his worst enemies, with kindness. It turned them into the friends and even the closest allies to Islam. According to Islam, the real strength is not to overcome people by power. But the actual strength lays in controlling the temper. Islam has always commanded us not to get angry and not to treat people harshly. Islam considers ill temper as a root cause to numbers of evils. Islam says that you have to treat people gently even if they are harsh. Islam is all about loving and caring people not to harm them.

Hazrat Ali quotes about ill temper let us know how it can affect us. As we all know that nobody likes such a person who is ill tempered and harsh to other people. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has further explained it that a person with ill temper does not actually have friends. His friends think of him as more of an enemy because of his harsh behavior. He has advised us all to have control over our temper. He has told us that nothing is as beneficial as controlling the temper when you look at the outcomes. A person, who has ill temper will have to face the wrath of Allah.

Given below are some of the popular and important quotes of Hazrat Ali (R.A):


The one who is ill-tempered, his friends and companions consider him their enemy.


Ill temper causes psyche to turn to barbarianism and it eliminates love and affection.


Ill temper is an extremely wicked habit and ill-treating your benefactor is an extremely evil characteristic.


By Allah, after believing in Islam no believer will be tormented for any reason but because of his mistrustfulness and his ill-temper.


For a human, treating such a person harshly who treats him affably, is extremely dangerous.


The one who is ill tempered he has no friend or comrade.


Keep a complete control over your temper and anger because I never found anything more beneficial at the end and producing more good results than such a control.


To hear the outcries of a disconcerted person and offering riddance to a dolorous person from his troubles is redemption from the largest of the sins.