Hazrat Ali Quotes about Goodness

Hazrat Ali quotes about goodness help us to understand that how important goodness is in Islam. It also let us know about the rewards we may receive for our rectitude. Islam is all about moralities and helping each other. Islam has always given a significant importance to the goodness. And has told us to do good not just to human beings but to the animals as well. To be a true Muslims we must be polite and should do well to others as Islam has taught us. Our loving prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has set a great example for us through his own life. His (PBUH) life consisted of high moralities and goodness.

Hazrat Ali quotes about goodness and virtues are inspiring and have a great and equal importance for Muslims and non-Muslims. He has guided us through various walks of life so that we can live our lives according to Islam. And should enjoy the benefits of our virtues and good deeds in this world as well as in the afterlife. He has told us that we should only focus on doing good to the people and to the world. We do not have to worry about the reward. You will be rewarded by Allah for all your goodness and virtues and His rewards are the best ones without any doubt.

Followings are some of the popular quotes by Hazrat Ali about goodness:


If you find that somebody is not grateful for all that you have done for him, then do not get disappointed because often you will find that someone else feels under your obligation though you have done nothing for him and thus your good deeds will be compensated, and Allah will reward you for your goodness.


A man’s glory from his virtue is greater than the glory of his pedigree.


Failures are often the results of timidity and fears; disappointments are the results of bashfulness; hours of leisure pass away like summer-clouds, therefore, do not waste opportunity of doing goodness.


If you do a deed of goodness then thank Allah for it and if you commit a sin then repent and atone for it. In this world there is a real welfare for two kinds of people, one is the person who, when commits a sin, atones for it and the other is anxious to do good as much as possible.


A virtuous person is better than virtue and a vicious person is worse than vice.


Admonish your brother by good deeds and kind regards, and ward off his evil by favoring him.


It is a place of acquiring knowledge and wisdom for those who want to acquire them, a place of worship for the friends of Allah and for Angels. It is the place where prophets received revelations of Allah. It is the place for virtuous people and saints to do good deeds and to be assigned with rewards for the same. Only in this world they could trade with Allah’s Favors and Blessings and only while living here they could barter their good deeds with His Blessings and Rewards.