Imam Ali Quotes about Taunting

Imam Ali quotes about taunting can help us to understand the severity of disliking of mocking and taunting in Islam. Taunting is when a person makes fun of someone’s faults or shortcomings. None of us is perfect as each one of us has his own faults. Islam appreciates pointing out someone’s faults or shortcoming but only when you do it in a positive manner. It is good to let someone know of his faults in person, so that he can correct himself. But Islam highly condemns pointing out someone’s fault in a teasing manner.

Imam Ali quotes about taunting emphasize the gravity of the problem with respect to Islam and society. He said that it is the biggest shame when you are mocking someone of the fault that lays in you as well. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has strongly condemned taunting and making fun of others. He has prohibited us from even sitting with such people and spending time with them who taunt others. On another occasion, he said that a true Muslim can mock others neither by his hand nor by tongue. He has considered it a social evil and forbidden us from taunting others. It can make people hate us if we taunt someone of his shortcomings.

Followings are some of the quotes of Imam Ali (R.A) about mocking, taunting and making fun of others.


“Avoid speaking bad and ugly because it causes the hearts of people to start abominating you. Keep yourself protected from pride and self-appraising as it is a strong trick of the Satan.”


“Do not show pleasure in somebody’s downfall, for you have no knowledge of what the future holds in store for you.”


“Before ascertaining the conditions of a route, find out what kinds of persons will accompany you on the journey. Instead of enquiring about the condition of the home in which you are going to stay, first of all try to find out what kind of people your neighbours are. Do not introduce ridiculous topics in your talk even if you have to repeat sayings of others.”


“Abnegate the nonsense because Allah has not made you futile so that you keep yourself occupied with it. Nor will it happen that you will not be asked at all (in hereafter) so that you can keep doing whatever your heart desires (in this world).”


“The person, who praises you in such a manner that you do not deserve he is taunting you. Thus, if you do not give him anything, he will criticize you and he will cry down about you.”


“The person, who taunts and teases people abundant, people think of him as a fool. And the one who lies too much, people deem him as a liar.”


“I warn you of keeping relations from people who look for faults in others, since surely there is not a single person who will be safe from such people.”


“Refrain yourself from adverting inglorious talks, otherwise your consociation and noblemen will be disgusted by you.”