Imam Ali Quotes about Tolerance

Imam Ali quotes about tolerance explain its importance in Islam. It also helps us to understand that how important it is for us to be tolerant in our lives. Islam has always guided us toward politeness and tolerance. Islam has told us to be gentle and tolerant to the people even if they are harsh. Tolerance is one of the virtues that can take a Muslim to the heights of his faith and goodness. The whole life of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is a great example for us. Tolerance is a quality that is considered among the ten social virtues by Hazrat Ali (R.A) because of the impact it has on the society.

Imam Ali quotes about tolerance shed a light upon his views about the matter. He has told us that the arrogance and intolerance are caused by the Satan. So we have to protect ourselves against the intolerance. Although we have to be tolerant to people but there are certain issues that cannot be tolerated at all. If someone is doing wrong, we cannot be tolerant about his crimes or wrong doings. Hazrat Ali (R.A) asked his governors to be tolerant. But at the same time he had also told them to deal with the people individually, according to the deeds they have done. He asked governors to decide by themselves whether they have to deal with a person politely or harshly but depending on his deeds.

Imam Ali (R.A) has expressed the importance of tolerance in following sayings:


“He is truly your brother who will forgive your mistakes, meet your needs, accept your excuse, cover your imperfection, expel your fear, and fulfill your expectation.”


“Beauty of relationships is in tolerance, if you start looking for flawless people, you’ll find yourself alone in the end.”


“Have a control on your temper. If you have power to retaliate, then forgive and forget. When in anger, be forbearing, patient and tolerant. When you are in possession of wealth, power and authority, then be forgiving, merciful and compassionate. These traits will help you to gain your salvation.”


“You should therefore put out the fires of haughtiness and the flames of intolerance that are hidden in your hearts. This vanity can exist in a Muslim only by the machinations of Satan, his haughtiness, mischief and whisperings.”

Imam Ali (R.A) wrote a letter to Abdullah bin Abbas when he was the governor of Basra regarding his behavior towards the Bani Tamim clan. He asked Abdullah to be tolerant and treat them nicely in following words.


“Understand very well Ibn Abbas that Basra is a satanic place. It is an abode of strife and bloodshed. So be kind and tolerant towards the citizens of Basra. Win them over with kindness, sympathy and sincerity. Remove fear, suspicion, distrust and animosity from their minds.”

Imam Ali (R.A) asked governors to treat people kindly and to be tolerant to them in following words:


“Be kind to them in future, tolerate them and give them due respect, but at the same time keep your prestige and guard well the position and honour of the authority which you hold. Always govern with a soft but strong hand. Treat them as they individually deserve, kindly or harshly and with respect or with contempt.”


“The worst form of dishonesty is the breach of trust of the public funds (Zakat) and the most despicable example of maladministration is that the Imam should tolerate such forms of dishonesty.”


“I cannot tolerate lies and I cannot bear to see people undoing the good done by Allah through Islam.”