Hazrat Ali Quotes about Reliant

Hazrat Ali quotes about reliant can lead us towards placing the reliance on no one but only Allah. For a Muslim, it is extremely important that he should place his reliance and trust only on Allah. It means that relying on Him not just for the worldly affairs but also for the religious matters. A reliant relies only on Allah for the rewards of his deeds in this world and in Afterlife. Reliance on Allah is one of the best and most important forms of believing in Him and worshiping Him. Becoming reliant involves three factors that are belief, dependence on Allah and acting accordingly. A Muslim cannot be a true believer if he is not reliant on Allah.

Hazrat Ali quotes about reliant can offer us a convenient help in understanding the benefits of becoming reliant on Allah. Hazrat Ali (R.A) has told us that there are many people in this world who entrust others with their businesses. They are relying on worldly sources and people instead of relying on Allah. These people have to bear huge losses because of placing their reliance at wrong places. He has further told us that the person who relies only on Allah, he receives His countless blessings. Allah turns even to most complicated affairs of his into the easy and convenient ones.

Followings are some of Hazrat Ali quotes about reliant for your understanding:


“The person who relies on Allah, his complicated affairs become convenient and all sorts of resources become easy. And he will get an abode in a very comfortable and honorable place (The Paradise).”


“The person who trusts in Allah, he does not calumniate Him regarding earning bread and butter. It means that he does not say Allah has constricted my livelihood.”


“Undoubtedly, Allah grants riches of this world to his friends and enemies and to everyone. But He grants knowledge to only those who are His special believers.”



“The person who relies on Allah, he neither need anyone nor consider them (for what they think of him). And the person who perform his deeds purely for Allah, his both lives become emendated, this life and the Afterlife.”


“It does not happen that a person surely gets the things he desires. Many times a person cannot get what he desires. And neither it is essential that the person who forgets the path is bound to be lost and missing.”


“Sometimes a man feels very happy for getting a thing which was actually destined for him and feels sorry for not getting a thing which he was not destined to get. Therefore, you should not feel happy if your desires are fulfilled and should not feel sorry for deprivations. Leave everything to the Will of Allah.”


“Develop the habit of patience against sufferings, calamities and adversities. This virtue of patience is one of the highest values of morality and nobility of character and it is the best habit which one can develop. Trust in Allah and let your mind seek His protection in every calamity.”